Monday, October 5, 2009

Jon and Kate

Is there anyone else out there who suspects that the recent Jon and Kate break-up is an elaborate publicity hoax to keep up ratings and extract more money from a gullible public?

Pick a random couple with kids out of the entire U.S. population and make a show about their difficulties in raising their children. Sounds dull to me, but most of America can't get enough of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Google "Jon and Kate" and you get "Results 1 - 10 of about 36,600,000 for jon and kate".

Since their break-up, they are now news.

News results for jon and kate

New York Daily News
Kate Gosselin: Jon took $230K from account‎ - 19 minutes ago
Jon Gosselin virtually cleaned out the account that Kate said contains all their liquid assets last week after TLC announced that it would continue filming ... - 177 related articles »
Kate Set Up Jon!‎ - E! Online - 1078 related articles »

If Jon is as concerned as he says he is about publicity, why doesn't he just resume a normal life and quit "cold turkey" the daily and nightly appearances on the talk show circuit? America, wake up and let's move on to the next reality wonder.

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