Thursday, October 8, 2009

life goes on

I had an email from an important person who was "Angry in H." It seems she was fed up with the mounds of work at the office, endless meetings, and no end in site. She sends me a youtube video of a classic Beatles song Help! (Watch the video while you read the rest of this.) Now I don't know what you see when you watch this video; I see four smiling faces. I feel young again in a far happier time. I hear an upbeat song that sends out a message of hope. "Open up the door."

We are not alone, it only seems that way. Everyone struggles with work, family, and the meaning of life. All you have to do is take a note, pun intended, from others - look for the silver linings in those gray clouds. Follow the Help! video with the Beatles Obla Di Obla Da video. Life goes on. Ya.

Now if you don't think we all struggle with demons, read Madhatter's comment to the video.

... When I bought "Anthology 3" back in Oct. of 1996 (day it came out), I was BLOWN AWAY by how good the outtake version was of this song. I was like, "What the heck was wrong with this one?" If you've ever read "The Beatles' Complete Recording Sessions" you might know that Paul just about drove everyone insane with trying to get this song the way he wanted it. He wasn't even satisfied with THIS version and attempted a THIRD remake of it.

By the way, my teeth look like Paul's.

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Hannah said...

Reading your blog I began to feel overwhelmingly discouraged. My graduation date is looming in the relatively near future and that means its time to make big girl plans. The problem is I still feel like a kid, maybe more so than I did when I was half my current age. I thought it was supposed to get easier and more constant as time goes on. Or is that what you adults tell us to keep us going? Cruel trick I say.

I guess the only constant is an ever present feeling of uncertainty. Perhaps it is this uncertainty that keeps us on our toes. Plato referred to it as humility, a willingness to question the status quo but to forge on up the cave none the less.
Although there is nothing like a good pity party complete with ice cream cable television and whatever your vice of choice to purge the negativity i've heard people say gratitude is a common quality among happy people. Even if the list is short write it out or think it out, "What am I thankful for?" I plan to really give this question serious consideration especially during the Thanksgiving season. Most people have to think of one thing or person they are thankful for and blurt it out when their turn comes around the Thanksgiving day table. But I plan on really taking stock. I may just be a happier person than I thought...